Waypoint offers many services to Christian churches in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The support of churches throughout the region enables us to provide these programs at no charge or with a minimal charge for materials and licensing.

From the Natural Church Development program to on-site Guest Services and an interest-free loan fund for property and building improvements, we want you to be effective in your community


Guest Ready Facility Evaluation

Does your facility enhance or distract from the ministry of your church?  Can new people easily find everything they need? What do guests experience and feel when they initially arrive at your facility? This thorough evaluation provides a fresh perspective on your most used ministry tool.

“The evaluation played a critical part in the direction we are heading... including a new building plan - we are implementing many things that were addressed in your evaluation. Thank you so much for your time and assessment.”

Jeff Levy, Deacon, Community Christian Church, Newbern, VA


Converge Guest Services

Converge is a three-hour workshop on how to welcome your guests and keep them coming back to your church. Designed to be adapted to your church’s unique needs and culture, Converge is a catalyst to a healthier, growing congregation. Converge is a three-hour seminar that prepares your church to reach guests and keep them coming back.

"[Converge] was one of the best things that we did. It gave our people a vision and passion for connecting and plugging people in to the life of the Journey.”

Jerry Jones, Senior Minister, The Journey Church, Springfield, VA


Media Services

Connect with a younger audience through graphic design. Our Media Services consultant helps your church design a logo



Waypoint assists churches with funds to purchase land or to make repairs or improvements to their property. To date over two million dollars ($2,043,000) have been loaned to 98 congregations across the region.

“Recently, a short term (VEF) loan carried our church through a bad economic period. After the sale of some property, Calvary repaid the loan so [Waypoint] could help other churches.”

Jim Ray, Elder, Calvary Christian Church, Burke, VA


Congregational Consulting

One of the unique aspects of service to local congregations is the opportunity to meet with local leaders and direct them to the right resources or help them solve a critical need in their church. Included are assistance on how to hire, compensation packages, web site design, by-laws review, and elder selection. Whatever your ministry question, we are here to help.

“Things have been in high gear after our meeting. The leaders REALLY appreciated all of your input, and have already had their first meeting dissecting and rewriting our current bylaws.”

-A Senior Minister after recent consolation